drabbles = poop

measkow   a blagh for my writings

i think one day

i’ll lie in a field of daisies

and never



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bones are not bad to have

the keep us up

when we are down

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i think i’d like to lie on a bed of moss

it always looks

so soft

and accepting

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“I don’t know why you do this to yourself.” Cecilia said softly to Ace who was sitting on the bed, beaten up, bloody, and with a black eye. “You cheat those guys at cards and then when they realize you do, they beat you until you can’t see anymore.” She sighed audibly and continued to wipe at various cuts and wounds on Ace’s body with an alcohol soaked towel. “One of these days you won’t come home to me. One of those thugs will kill you.”

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I remember her, her eyes shone bright
Bright in the stage lights
her toes scrunched in those shoes
That she used to tiptoe along the stage

but i know, inside those delicate-looking shoes
were hidden broken and blistered toes
she worked so hard just to be rewarded with those toes
she cried because she could never show her feet
but to me, they were beautiful because they
signified what she is and how dedicated she was

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he lay on a bed of moss,
but could not figure out why
it was so
full of briars
and he couldn’t understand where
they were coming from

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She ran to the sink, gagging as she went. Practically running into the bowl, she gripped it tightly, her knuckles turning white. What came up and out was not normal. It felt alive in her throat, wriggling as it came. She inspected it before flushing it down with a gush of scalding water.

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he sees what



in me

which is



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